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Awning Signs for Your Business


Help Your Customers Find Your Business with an Awning Sign

Awnings do more than just provide shade. They protect stores from bad weather conditions, provide protection from the sun and give businesses new space as to which they can display company graphics and logos. By working with our screen printing company, we can help to ensure that your building’s canopy matches the aesthetic appeal and overall design of your building.

Awnings have a long history in Campbell CA and the United States as a whole. While the idea of awning is entrenched in American tradition, the design of an awning in today’s world can be modern or retro. Regardless if you own a barbershop, motel, hair salon, or laundromat in Campbell CA, we can work with you to create an idiosyncratic style that resonates with your business and your consumers.

What Kind Of Awning Fabric Can You Work With?

Acrylic: Acrylic can be best described as being an upscale material that feels very distinctive from other kinds of awning fabrics. Acrylic is very breathable, visually appealing, and moisture-wicking. Based on the fact that color pigment is an essential part of the acrylic creation process, this kind of fabric won’t fade or wash out for years.

Cotton: Back in the day, cotton was the golden standard fabric that most contractors used in the awning industry. However, based on the fact that cotton is a heavy, plain woven fabric, in today’s world, it’s barely used in most locations. However, data suggests that people who live in extremely cold climates gravitate towards cotton-based awnings as a result of it’s insulation properties.

Polyester: Polyester fabrics are semi-translucent and wrinkle-resistant. But, as a result of a lack of laminated coating, polyester fabric can get damaged by water, mildew and UB rays.

Shade Cloth: Shade cloth fabric is typically used in retractable residential and sunbrella awnings.

Vinyl: Vinyl is one of the most popular fabrics that’s used to design awnings as a result of the fact that it’s highly resistant to water, wrinkles, and mildew. This material is also highly durable against extreme weather conditions and dries much faster than other kinds of fabrics.

Benefits To Your Business

Outdoor Spaces – Some businesses like restaurants, tend to make use of outdoor areas, more than other kinds of businesses. Commercial awnings can help to provide more outdoor space for customers and employees by blocking rain and the sun.
Money Savings – Data suggests that businesses that utilize awnings during the hot summer months tend to spend less money on airconditioning related expenses based on the fact that an awnings’ sun blocking abilities enable them to keep buildings much cooler than they would be, without an awning. Based on the fact that every business’s goal is to lower operating expenses while increasing revenue, this can prove to be especially useful to business owners.
Improved Visibility – By using an awning your business will receive more visibility as a result of the fact that you can work with a company to develop branded commercial awnings.

Why Us?

A commercial awning designed by us can help your company to garner the attention that it deserves. Available in a wide variety of colors, our awnings are durable, require little maintenance, and can be built to match your specific requirements as it pertains to your business. Graphics such as logos and letters can all be individually customized to match any property. Our screen printing company provides leading graphic applications which can be applied to all types of awning fabrics.

Custom-made Awning Signs

Custom-made awning signs give your business a truly impressive image. Stand out with an inviting, professional treatment to your storefront or restaurant with our specially designed awnings and complementary signage.

Bring your building to life at night by adding downward directional or backlighting to your awning. Not only are they an extremely effective signage option; illuminated awnings provide security 24 hours a day. Your storefront is bright whenever it’s dark, helping your customers find their way at night and discouraging thieves after you close.

Downward-facing fixtures can add lighting to the sidewalk or exterior of your building.

We are here to help you choose from the many styles and sizes to find the best awning to meet your needs.

Popular Awning Types

  • Concave Awning
  • Casement Awning
  • Convex Awning
  • Dome Awning
  • Backlit With Pop-up
  • Backlit with Dormer
  • Canopy With Hip Ends
  • Gabled Entrance Canopy
  • Rounded Entrance Canopy

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