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Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional Letters & Signage

Eye-catching, three-dimensional letters and logos stand out

Your message can literally reach out from the wall to grab your customers’ attention. So often details are what make the difference in the mind of consumers. Let us help you make your signage come alive.

Dimensional letters & logos create an easy attention grabber to help your clients and customers know where your services are located. Help your logo and name stand out day or night with a 3D Illuminated sign!

Dimensional letters can be attached to your building or a free-standing pylon pole sign or monument sign.

Dimensional letters & logos aren’t just for the outside. Using these signs indoors can be a great way to drive attention to specific departments or other needs of your visitors such as bathrooms and cafeterias.

What is Dimensional Lettering?

Dimensional lettering is used in signs where the letters are made out of a solid material like wood, metal, or plastic. The 3-dimensional aspect of the letter allows it to pop out to the viewer. The effect can be even more effective when paired with lighting. The cost of dimensional lettering can vary depending on the material used to create it. The effect can be used on just about any type of sign to create more effective messaging. Not sure what type of lettering you need or what type fits your budget? Give us a call today and we can help you figure it all out!

Do I need Dimensional Lettering?

Ultimately it depends on your potential readers’ needs, such as visibility and size, and it depends on your logo design. Some logos and lettering lend themselves perfectly to dimensional lettering and others might become obscured by the 3D aspect. Give us a call and we can help you decide what fits your needs.

Call today to let our expert team describe how to make the most of your signage.

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