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Wallpaper Murals & Wall Graphics

Did you know that wallpaper murals have been around for centuries and are a convenient alternative to painting? In fact, murals are found often by archeologists that date back to 30,000 BC.

Most murals were originally designed for visual enjoyment and to indicate social status. Thus, royalty ordered the most artistic wallpaper murals to suit their whims.

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Wallpaper Wall Graphics and Murals

Today’s Custom Wallpaper Murals

The variety of today’s wallpaper murals give new depth and meaning to custom design. Businesses are well known for choosing wallpaper murals that capture visual attention and create the feeling of deep realism.

However, many businesses also like to impart a sense of history or provide an educational nuance. For example, banks and financial institutions delight in custom wallpaper murals of the first town banks or bankers in their particular site location. These murals are often created from old sepia photographs found in historical museums.

In schools and colleges, custom wallpaper murals may celebrate the special honors these institutions acquired or a celebratory theme on arts, science or athletics.

Board rooms in corporations choose maps or their corporate headquarters for custom murals to broaden the sense of sales and marketing territory and as a reminder of the corporate sense of team.

Other Ways to Display Custom Wallpaper Murals

In many medical facilities, scenic murals are strategically placed in areas of a physician’s office, diagnostic center or hospital to reduce tension of patients and patient visitors.

Even restaurants make use of custom wallpaper murals that often reflect the highlighted cuisine or history of the restaurant. In restaurants located near Revolutionary Wars sites the choices are mural themes from that genre.

Art studios prevail upon mural designers to create wallpaper murals that give added dimension to the artwork they display and sell. Interior decorators for businesses advise the use of these murals to set business image so important to attract customers and keep business style pace with competitors.

Custom Wallpaper Murals for Home Appeal

The character of a residence is punctuated by the ability to add features of interest that follow a specific theme. A custom wallpaper mural can be installed wherever there is generous wall space.

You can make use of a spacious wall in the hall with a mural that adds texture or creates floral or lush forest imagery.

What’s Your Mural Vision?

For a truly custom and personalized mural, dig into some of the old photo albums for ideas. Thanks to today’s scanning technologies, it’s easy to turn a photo or a part of a photo into a great mural for the living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen or bedrooms.

An infant’s nursery wall can be turned into a soothing or whimsical custom wallpaper mural. Choose designs that speak to the infant’s personality.

Keep in mind the mural you choose for this room should be somewhat adaptable as the child grows.

Teens almost always want a custom mural that is ultra modern in design and reflects their personal tastes. To be on the safe side, let your teens see the designs available at a mural design business found online. That way, teens are included in the mural choice they will enjoy most.

Custom Mural Wallpaper for Your Home
Custom Mural Wallpaper for Your Office

How Businesses Choose Custom Wallpaper Murals

The choice of business murals is part of a business process. In most cases, the largest businesses engage an interior decorator and a human resources professional who work in concert to choose a mural that will immediately catch customers’ eyes while also being a daily pleasing sight to employees. In smaller businesses, the owners choose their favorite mural.

Fun with Custom Murals

When it’s time to remodel a business or residence, there is a sense of making a wallpaper mural a point of interest. There are murals that create a three dimensional look or wrap an entire room in a mural with an exotic, rustic, or provincial theme.

Lovers of the sea may prefer an undersea theme for a single wall or an entire room. Don’t forget the walls near stairs. These are perfect areas to add custom wallpaper murals of stone, brick or segments of color designs.

Three Guidelines to Remember about Custom Murals
The three most important guidelines to remember about custom wall murals include:

  1. Balance between wall space available and basic size of the mural theme
  2. Point of interest should blend with furnishings
  3. Rely on your mural consultant to help choose the mural best suited to your needs

Then, sit back secure in the knowledge your mural choice makes a signature statement.

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